Business Tours is about teaching you HOW to get real results from Offshoring.

Learn the different ways you can engage workers or services

1) 7 different ways you can engage workers or services with points for and against each. The tour also includes a look at Manufacturing. Administration and Sales Processes attendees also gain from these visits.
2) Low cost, low risk – ways you can start and develop your solution.
3)What is working and not working.
4)Where the latest opportunities are.
5)How to source and select the best engagement option.
6)What to consider while avoiding the potential traps.
7)Why you need to consider quality of workers and potential staff turnover by location.
8)How to train and develop your workers into “proactive thinkers”.
9)How to train – or teach – transfer your knowledge.
10)How to manage your resources and workers.
11)Offshore team development.
12)The culture differences and how to use this to your advantage.

About the Tour

Thriving Economy

You will witness first hand the staggering growth opportunities that the Philippines offers and why global entrepreneurs are setting up teams at rapid rates right now.  

Office Tours in Manila and Clark

This is a unique look behind closed doors into successful companies that are offering different business services to the global market place. The services range from accounting to sales to IT and much more. Meet the owners of these companies and see their operations in action, including their staff.

Get an Inside Look at How the Locals Live

Gain a deeper understanding about local life and culture in the Philippines, on the tour. In some cases one employee supports an entire family.

Getting around

Whilst on tour you will travel together as a group in a mini bus with a driver and wi-fi on board. Everything is taken care of so you can learn, plan and think about your business strategically.

Suitable for all Business and professionals

This tour is a real eye opener. You will not be short of ideas for your existing business as well as new business ideas. It is an amazing journey into what is possible through entrepreneurship.

About the Philippines

The average age in the Philippines is early 20’s. It is a Christian based country with similar values to the Western World. English is compulsory and all employees are degree qualified and educated in the English language. This represents a very unique proposition for Western Companies setting up outsourced teams for a fraction of the cost.

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All with a massive dose of Entrepreneurship encouragement – most attendees redevelop their business plans after seeing the opportunitiesfor themselves.

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