Offshoring with Go To Outsource and Shore360

20 Years ago the BIG boys "Outsourced" structured processes to low cost countries where wages are typically $100 a week. This gave them a large cost advantage over smaller businesses. Sadly when Smaller businesses tried it - their "processes" were not robust enough - it often ended in tears - giving "outsourcing" a bad name. Today Small Businesses have found a better way to tap into the low cost Offshore workers. They are building TEAMS of their own people , in shared space, under their direct control - with their business culture.

antonio rillera

When it comes to setting up a dedicated team in the Philippines Go To Outsource partners with Shore360 from the Free Port area of Clark. I have done my due diligence and find Shore360 the best seat/staff leasing provider. 

Angela De Palma

Founder of GoToOutSource

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